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Wedding Party Favors That Spice Up The Brides Wedding Reception


Wedding Party Favors Guests Keep

  "I can't imagine my wedding without the Memory Maker Kiosk."  
  Edible Wedding Party Favors, Disposable Cameras, Wedding Guestbooks, Wedding Thank You Cards, and even a Bridal Videographer are a thing of the past!  
  Be part of the emerging bridal trend! Rent one for your reception. Services offered and prices are based on location and availability.  

Video Booth


The Memory Maker is a unique state of the art entertainment kiosk. Its sleek design and versatility makes it a hit at any party function. This is a must have event rental for your next party or wedding event. The machine records up to 2 min of video of a brides guests greeting onto a small video disc. It also prints out the customized photo sticker label that goes onto the video CD party favor.
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