In such a dynamic multimedia entertainment market, Video Club is engineered to capture an instant video ( in MPEG format ) from 30 seconds up to a maximum 3 minutes ( programmable ) which can easily be played back in most PC computers, laptops and VCD / DVD players.

Theme Selection

No matter the video CD is kept as a gift or a personal collection, various themes of video message ( can be customized ) help to add more meaning to that particular video CD.


Similar to the theme message, border selection allows the CD cover to become more personalized and colorful. Different combination of theme and border selection brings more fun and suitable for various events, such as birthday parties, valentine, celebration, etc . . .

Video Mail

Video message is automatically compressed and saved in all the video CD from Video Club. Once a video CD is inserted in the CD-ROM of PC computer, the video message will be immediately transferred to the designated e-mail address.

Customize CD Cover

Combining the selection of theme and border, Video Club integrates the selected photo captured during the playtime and prints out a customized CD cover. Once the video CD cover is labeled manually, the production of a unique personalized video CD is completed.

Beautiful Photo-Sticker

As a bonus, 6 small pieces of mini photo stickers of the selected captured photo comes along with the CD cover. Excellent tools to share great memories among friends.

Great Fun in Making VCD


Step 1
Put in the required
amount (coins/notes)
Step 4
Get ready and Smile!
3 shots will be taken
for the photo stickers and CD Cover.

Step 2
Select your desired
theme from the collection.
Step 5
Choose the best one out of the 3 for printing.

Step 3
Choose your favourite border of your selected theme.
Step 6
Get ready and action.Video starts shooting, and you can record up to 3 minutes.
Real Time Interaction

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