No Hassle Tech Support

Our systems are extremely reliable and allow you to install a turn key advertising solution within hours of the equipments arrival. In the event that your system or software malfunctions please read our quick trouble shooting guide. This will provide valuable insight on the nature of the problem and allow our support staff to assist you in the best possible manner.

Mike Sheikh (not depicted) is head of the Technical Support Division. He ensures that every machine shipped is reliable, in working order, and up to customer specifications. Since he is the co-developer of the operating systems used in our product lines his knowledge and experience will minimize downtime and maximize revenue for our customers.

In the event you have an event rental, be assured that your attendant will be able to trouble shoot almost every situation. In almost all cases a malfunction can be traced to a loose connection so please check all connections before calling. Our software is extremely reliable and parts of it have been field tested for over 3 years.

Support Hotline 509-991-0245


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